Kezza bee PeekaBoo 3D

If you enjoyed the interactive storybook titled Kezza bee Farm Adventures, you will absolutely love Kezza bee in her first game – Kezza bee PeekaBoo 3D.
Kezza bee Peekaboo 3D is based on the traditional peek-a-boo game that gets babies and children laughing.
Kezza bee loves to hide behind different things, and then fly, walk, twirl, dance or somersault her way out to surprise your child. When she appears, your child has to catch her before she hides again. Kezza bee has lots of fun sayings too like boo, peekaboo, I’m over here, can you see me, and many more. She also giggles, waves, and let’s your child know when she has been caught.
And wait till you see the 3D movie of Kezza bee dancing along to music as she sings. Kezza bee is happy, funny and cute, and the music will keep you and your kids singing (or humming) for days on end.
3 adventure scenes – Farm, Beach and Snow
3 difficulty levels – Easy, Medium and Hard
Vibrant and colourful illustrations
Lots of Kezza bee animations Cute Kezza bee sayings and praise lines
Catchy background music tracks
Various audio tracks can be mutedThis app has been
designed and developed by parents of young children.
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Kezza bee PeekaBoo 3D is also available for the iPad.
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