Kezza bee farm adventures

Kezza bee Farm Adventures is an interactive story about a bee flying over a farm looking for the big flower garden. Your child will fall in love with the adorable little bee as she takes them on a wonderful adventure meeting lots of different farm animals along the way. Each animal has a unique character voice and realistic animal sounds, which are heard when the child touches the screen.
Kezza bee Farm Adventures is an educational app, ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 7. It features bright and colourful illustrations, cute and adorable animals – which you just want to cuddle, pleasant storytelling with questions and praise lines to help your child navigate to the next scene. Babies, toddlers and young children will be asking to play it over and over again.

And wait till you see the 3D movie of Kezza bee dancing along to music as she sings. Kezza bee is happy, funny and cute, and the music will keep you and your kids singing (or humming) for days on end.


Animals make realistic sounds when touched
Questions to encourage your child to help Kezza bee
Praise lines so your child knows they have done a great job!
Vibrant & colourful illustrations
Captivating character narration
3D Kezza bee dancing movie
Professional music written for Kezza bee


This app has been designed and developed
by parents of young children.


Kezza bee Farm Adventures is available for iPhone and iPad.

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